We understand the ever changing market of healthcare.  Our consultants use their knowledge acquired from years in the industry to provide clear guidance as to those programs and process to be changed to meet the demands of the markets and regulatory bodies.

Clinical On Site Management

Judiax team members provide management support of programs in order to achieve programatic exellence.  This service can be tailored to the particular needs of the organization.

Healthcare Provider Recruitment

Due to our broad network in the healthcare industry JuDiAx  can  aid  organizations in recruitment of high level talent.  JuDiaX can also provide recruitment of large programmatic needs such as Anesthesia and Perfusion. Critical services needed by any serious larger organization.

Executive Coaching

JuDiAx’s Executive Coaching program focus on helping administrative and clinical leaders strengthen the skills needed to successfully lead and influence others. Client objectives have included professional growth, personal re-engagement, relationship enhancement, transition integration, derailment recovery, and team performance improvement. This Program can help Senior Executives on succession planning, leadership development, and executive selection. The program also can aid teams in conflict management, mentoring and effective communication. 

Clinical and Data Analytics

Utilizing comparative data analysis our team of experts can provide insight to organizations to help standardized process to reach and excel those metrics set by industry standards.

Clinical Coaching

This one-on-one service can be used to help those practitioners attain better performance in their clinical practices, mentor junior faculty in the first critical years of practice or support teams of clinicians with the goal of excelling in their specialties.